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Using CyVouchers

CyVouchers is a flexible online digital discount card.

Flexible because the rates are not fixed but are promotional offers made by businesses who will offer different deals dependent on the product or service they with to promote, or base their discounts around specific days and times.

A business (vendor) may display multiple vouchers. For instance, a voucher for a meal for four may not be directly discounted but may include a free carafe or two of wine. Alternatively, they may offer a flat rate of anywhere between 10 and 60% discount according to the type of business.

Restaurants and cafés will typically offer rates of between 10 and 15 percent; whereas excursion and cruise companies may offer discounts of up to 25 percent. Some of the better savings can be found at lewellery outlets, where discounts may exceed 40% or more.

It is wise to read the full terms of any voucher offer or contact the vendor to confirm the rates if there is any confusion. Furthermore, there may be restrictions applied, such as age limits or compliance with local laws that concern driving licences. There was a time not so long ago when a blind eye was turned to licence categories; this is no longer the case. The law is the law.

CyVouchers are valid for a period of 10 (ten) days and can be used as many times as you like with as many voucher promoters in your purchase category.

Once you are a member, it is a simple matter to claim any voucher that is available to you within the purchase category, Bronze, Silver or Gold. The type of product or service available varies dependent on the selected category.

CyVouchers registration form.


You are required to register because we take security seriously. Currently, we are in our promotional period, meaning that registered members receive a free Gold voucher that they can use at any business marketing offers on this site. However, at some point in the future we will begin charging for the service, and since we will be using payment gateways, security becomes a critical feature of the site (hence using an HTTPS URL).

The reason we ask you to register with an email address is to verify that you are the person registering. We issue a confirmation email along with a variable length verification code.

You may also enter your mobile number, should you wish. This is not compulsory but it allows for greater versatility in communications, such as when a new business or voucher is offered which matches your prior voucher use and we can alert you immediately to the promotion. Note that we will never contact you directly by SMS or email unless you have explicitly opted into our alerts system.

Note: Your email address will act as your username when you login to CyVouchers.

CyVouchers account form.


Once you login you are presented with your Account page.

Here you may update any of your details except your email address because it is used as your login username. Furthermore, any transactions, such as CyVoucher purchases or voucher claims rely upon this email for verification to prevent fraudulent activity.

If you no longer have access to the email address, you must re-register with us. Any outstanding days of voucher usage will be lost.

As mentioned above, entering your mobile number if you did not do so upon registration allows for greater versatility in communications, such as when a new business or voucher is offered which matches your prior voucher use and we can alert you immediately to the promotion.

You also have the option to delete your account, deregistering from CyVouchers. All details will be permanently deleted except for purchases, which are maintained for legal purposes.

Vouchers than can be used.

Available Vouchers

Selecting Available Vouchers takes you to an at-a-glance list of all active vouchers you can use. This is useful if you have purchased either a Bronze (or Silver) CyVoucher where the full range of Gold CyVouchers is not available. Simply browse the list and select those vouchers you wish to use on any particular day.

This feature is less relevant to those members who signed up during our promotional period or who have active gold vouchers but it does offer a single scrollable page you can quickly flick through to see which vouchers take your fancy.

CyVouchers purchase options.

Buy Now

The Buy Now page is where members buy and review their voucher usage. The purchase options are currently disabled as CyVouchers is currently on a promotional drive and offering FREE Gold CyVouchers to new members.

Category Entitlement allows you to flick through the Bronze, Silver and Gold purchase options to see which business types are available at each level.

Purchase History details all CyVoucher purchases. As a new member during our promotional period, you will see a single entry detailing the voucher validity period and purchase cost - zero in this case.

Usage History details all claimed vouchers. Each entry can be viewed and used in place of your voucher email if you cannot locate it on your device and wish to claim a discount from a business product or service.

Vouchers that have been flagged as noteworthy.

View List

View List is a feature accessed from the top right drop down ACCOUNT menu. It is essentially a bookmark page for vouchers you have found of interest. Irrespective of whether you have claimed any bookmarked vouchers, they will not be deleted but remain as a handy reference.

Adding vouchers to the View List can be accomplished by using a button at the top left of each voucher details page.

Non-members can still use the View List and access it directly from the site footer menu.

Vouchers that have been flagged as noteworthy.

Example CyVoucher

Claimed vouchers are sent as emails to the member and the business offering the deal. They are also accessible on the Buy Now page.

Every voucher shows the type of discount - percentage of fixed rate - and the validity period, as well as a unique reference. The businesses contact details are displayed, as are any terms and conditions particular to the offer, and general terms and conditions set down by CyVouchers.