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CyVouchers Terms and Conditions

Herein below are set out the terms and conditions of service for CyVouchers.

Terms Used Within The Agreement

The "User" represents any person using the site for whatever reason.

The "Member" represents any individual or business choosing to register and become a member on "CyVouchers" for the purposes of buying voucher tokens or promoting a voucher or service.

The "Vendor" represents a business who offers a "Member" a promotional voucher.

The "Claimant" represents a "Member" who claims a voucher advertisement on the "Website".

The "Voucher" represents an offer to any "Member" or site visitor to claim a promotional voucher.

The "Website" represents "CyVouchers":, a website supporting SSL (Secure Socket Layers) that helps to establish a secure connection between the client and the server through the secure protocol HTTPS. It is a perfect choice for protecting sensitive information, such as customer contact details and credit card details.

The "Business" and "CyVouchers" (interchangeable) represents "CyVouchers", a website and business owned and operated under the following company:

Tombs of the Kings Avenue
Paphos 8046

Website User Terms & Conditions Overview

"CyVouchers" operate a 'fair policy' agreement, meaning that we do not endeavour to stipulate all terms and conditions of use; it means that we expect the best of you, as you can expect the best of us. However, we must abide by international law and therefore respect the "Website" user access terms and conditions of use.

These stipulations represent a binding agreement between the "User" or "Member" visiting "CyVouchers", and the "Business" website.

By using "CyVouchers", you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions of use. These terms and conditions represent an unconditional user agreement between any site visitor and the "Business"

Since "CyVouchers" is an international site, there will be variations in the law governing the use of the internet in any particular country however, the stipulations outlined below are at the entire discretion of the "Business" and are therefore not bound by international law but enforced by the "Business".

These terms and conditions apply from the moment you enter the site to the moment you leave. Should you not agree with the following stipulations, you should immediately leave the "Website"; otherwise, during the extent of your visit, you agree to be bound by the following statements:

Terms & Conditions

  1. 1. YOU WILL NOT
    1. (a) Use "CyVouchers" to cause harm, emotional distress or otherwise injure physically or psychologically any person on the planet, whether through use of the internet or by other media
    2. (b) Promote or otherwise indulge in any form of secular or religious segregation. Any form of religious or secular discrimination will not be tolerated
    3. (c) Post inaccurate advertising of your voucher to garner interest where it might otherwise be ignored. All adverting must be honest and truthful
    4. (d) Use "CyVouchers" to promote any other advert other than for a redeemable voucher. There are other websites for this purpose. The smallest infringement of this stipulation will have any "Member" and their voucher portfolio banned for life
    5. (e) Contact any "Vendor" for any purpose other than to make a genuine enquiry about their voucher. Any attempts to use the "Business" as a conduit to promote ancillary products or services will cause immediate IP lockdown and alert to spam governing bodies on the web
    6. (f) Attempt to trawl the site to garner (harvest) links or other information. We track IP addresses and will block your address and report you to governing bodies
    7. (g) Abuse our services by making extreme and unnecessary use of any page on our site by repeated calls
    8. (h) Attempt to decipher, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any of the software comprising or in any way making up all or any part of "CyVouchers" by modifying any meta data, copying or duplicating in any manner any of the content; framing of or linking to any of the features, their content or information available from the features without the express written consent of the "Business" or an agreement with "CyVouchers" and any 3rd party requesting such
    9. (i) Use the "Business" to engage in or assist any individual or entity to engage in fraudulent, abusive, manipulative or illegal activity
    10. (j) Promote a business that does not belong to you or through a business you are an agent for or are promoting. It is a crime to advertise fraudulently a business that you have no legal right to promote. The authorities will be informed and you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  2. 2. YOU WILL:
    1. (a) Use "CyVouchers" with respect. You will not infringe the stipulations above
    2. (b) As a "Vendor", you will promote your business offer - "Voucher" - truthfully
    3. (c) As a "Vendor", you will not promote your "Voucher" in any manner that discriminates against persons other than that for a specific to purpose, i.e., that it is suitable for vegetarians or specific to a religious faith. Unacceptable promotion will be swiftly eradicated and membership terminated. Any racial, gender or religious discrimination will not be tolerated
    4. (d) As a "Vendor", you will provide decent imagery to best illustrate your voucher. "CyVouchers" will have absolute authority to decide if imagery is inappropriate. No sexually explicit material will be tolerated. Images of vehicles where number plates are recognizable must be obfuscated. Images of children must be in an appropriate situation. Images of drunken or otherwise alcohol-induced behavior are forbidden. Images containing bare-breasted women are forbidden, as are any images revealing genitalia.
    The prohibitions above are intended for illustration, albeit legal and binding. "Users" and "Vendor"s must exercise best practice when using "CyVouchers".
  3. 3. WE WILL:
    1. (a) Maintain any and all information of a private and personal nature in strictest confidence. Such information as provided will never be divulged to 3rd parties for any other purpose than to offer vouchers to a potential customer who has shown interest in a voucher
    2. (b) Never divulge personal details or any information offered by members to any 3rd party organisation unless requested by law enforcement judiciary. We respect your privacy
    3. (c) Endeavour to respond to all queries of a support nature within 48 hours or receipt of an alert email — but usually sooner
    4. (d) Endeavour to correct any anomalies or bugs reported to us as soon a practicably possible to ensure optimum functionality of the "Website".
  4. 4. WE WILL NOT:
    1. (a) Be held responsible for the accuracy and veracity of voucher adverts placed on the "Website". The full and indisputable responsibly for such lays entirely with the "Vendor"
    2. (b) Intervene to resolve any issues between the "Vendor" and a "Claimant" to a voucher advert. "CyVouchers" simply facilitates an introduction between a "Vendor" and a "Claimant"

Claimant Conditions

    1. (a) A Voucher belongs to the registered Claimant and is not transferable
    2. (b) Any claimant who transfers his voucher to a 3rd party, either sent by email or printed media will be held liable for damages to CyVouchers and be prosecuted to the full extent of the law
    3. (c) In exceptional cases identity may requested due to the value of the discount
    4. (d) It is responsibility of the Claimant to present the Voucher upon arrival at the Vendor in either electronic or printed format
    5. (e) In exceptional cases the discount rate may be vary as advertised by the Vendor
    6. (f) Is the responsibility of the Claimant to see the person responsible for the discount rates
    7. (g) Is the responsibility of the Claimant to send the Voucher in electronic format to the Vendor, otherwise it may not be accepted
    8. (h) The Voucher does not apply against already discounted products or services
    9. (i) Specific products may not benefit from discounts
    10. (j) CyVouchers do not guarantee the products and/or services of the Vendor
    11. (k) CyVouchers responsibility is to introduce businesses that offer Claimants a discounts percentage, so you save money and extend your budget
    12. (l) CyVouchers are not responsible in any way for the quality of products and/or services received from any Vendor.

Vendor Conditions

    1. (a) A Vendor will ensure that any and all Vouchers (s)he advertises will be an honest and fair promotion of the products and/or services offered to Claimants
    2. (b) A Vendor will not advertise illegal or otherwise contraband products and/or services, or products and/or services that may represent a safety risk to the public, i.e. firearms, unauthorised intoxicants like cannabis or other illegal drugs
    3. (c) A Vendor will not attempt to deceive Claimants by offering either percentile or fixed rate discounts that they do not intend to honour
    4. (d) A Vendor must ensure that any restrictions on the purchase of products and/or services be clearly stated, i.e. "Discounts do not apply to tobacco or alcohol" or "Minimum age 18 years", etc.
    5. (e) It is responsibility of the Vendor to inspect and honour any and all vouchers presented by the Claimant whether presented in electronic or paper media unless there is good reason to refuse products and/or services, i.e. the Claimant may be intoxicated or otherwise represents a hazard to the business or clientele
    6. (f) It is responsibility of the Vendor to state the opening hours of the business and to provide at least one point of contact, whether a phone number or an email address
    7. (g) A Vendor must not knowingly accept an expired voucher from a Claimant
    8. (h) Where age restrictions apply, it is the responsibility of the Vendor to request identification and proof of age.

General Disclaimer

"CyVouchers" reserves the indisputable and irrevocable right to remove from the "Website" any advertisement placed by a "Vendor" for whatever reason the "Business" decides contravenes the Terms & Conditions contained herein or that the "Business" deems is inappropriate.

"CyVouchers" reserves the indisputable and irrevocable right to remove or decline membership to any individual or business for whatever reason the "Business" sees fit, and will not enter into dialogue concerning its decision unless there is clear and indisputable evidence of non-malicious intent, the onus of proof of which must be supplied by the "Vendor" or "Claimant".

Any and all imagery uploaded by a "Vendor" to the "Website" becomes the property of "CyVouchers".