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CyVouchers FAQ

CyVouchers Business Summary

CyVouchers in an online company dedicated to assisting tourists and island locals with the opportunity the save money when they visit tourist and local island attraction, whether that be a café or a restaurant, shop, vehicle hire or excursion business. Our duty is to offer the best deals on the island.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are CyVouchers?
CyVouchers runs a website that offers the opportunity to buy vouchers and use them to receive discounts
How do I buy a CyVoucher?
Become a member, choose a CyVoucher category and pay with a credit card
How much does it cost?
There are three categories: the Bronze category - for €5, that offers two business categories Silver at €10, that applies to four categories and the Gold for €15 that covers the entire spectrum of categories
How many times I can use my Voucher?
You can use any voucher as many times you wish until its expiration date.
How many businesses can I claim a discount from?
Once you purchased a Voucher, you can use it to claim vouchers from any business in your purchase category until the expiration date of the your offer
How long can I can use my Voucher
You can use your Voucher as many times as you wish until its expiration date, according to your purchase - either Bronze, Silver or Gold
From how many business can I claim a discount?
Once you have purchased a Voucher, you can use it with any business in your purchase category as many times you wish until the expiration date of the voucher
How long I can use my Voucher
After purchasing, the Voucher is Valid for Ten (10) days from the date of purchase
Where can I see what voucher I bought
In to your account. There is statement of your purchase and the business categories to which it applies
Where can I see my vouchers?
You can see your voucher history in your account and you can use them at any time you wish according the validation period
How do I present my voucher to the Vendor
You can show to the person in charge the email received from CyVoucher or you can get it at any time from your accounts reports. You can also print out your voucher. Each voucher is unique.
Can I cancel my account?
Yes, you can cancel your account at any time you wish through your account at the CyVouchers site
Can I cancel my purchases?
No, once you buy a Voucher you can not cancel it as this offer/service is non-refundable
What is my responsibility?
Your responsibility is to enjoy yourself. Choose where you wish to go, which voucher you want and have a good time.
What about if the Vendor does not accept the voucher?
It is the Vendor's responsibility to accept your Voucher according to their offer. In exceptional circumstances, the Vendor may not accept your Voucher and not mention in his Terms and Condition statement the reason to decline your CyVoucher. In such circumstances, you must inform the CyVouchers imminently at in order for CyVoucher to take action.
For how many people does the voucher apply?
The Voucher is for your personal use applies to the terms & conditions set out by the Vendor. However, should you arrive with many guests, it is likely the Vendor will accept your Voucher. But. in conditions where purchase of high-value products or services is involved, the Vendor will use his discretion whether or not to accept your Voucher.
What about the Vendor’s services
Is your responsibility to choose the business you wish to visit and redeem their services. We cannot warranty the service offered by the Vendors
What is the responsibility of CyVouchers?
CyVouchers accepts no responsibility for the quality or the quantity of the products or services offered by the Vendor.