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Creating CyVouchers

CyVouchers is a marketing tool.

It represents an opportunity to reach a wider audience and increase business footfall.

When you create a voucher you are not only looking to promote your business directly but also boosting the visibility of your CyVouchers category - restaurant, vehicle hire, excursion, etc. - therefore enhancing the global visibility on Google, the principle search engine.

Here you will learn how to best create your vouchers so they feature well on Google and on other search engines and social media. You will learn how to construct a strong, visible voucher title and description, and how to modify your business description to reflect the nature of the offer you are promoting.

Tailoring your vouchers to target specific audiences is another way to broaden your business opportunities by selecting certain days or hours when you have slack periods and need to attract customers. And you do not need to offer percentage discounts. You can offer flat-rate discounts. These, for instance, are where you may be a taxi service and do not wish to offer a global discount but may offer specific journeys like airport services where you give a flat-rate price to and/or from Paphos airport. This way you gain visibility, compete with your competition, but do not give away unnecessary concessions.

Creating well-crafted vouchers is how you will bring your business more custom.

CyVouchers business registration form.


The reason we ask you to register with an email address is to verify that you are the person registering. We issue a confirmation email along with a variable length verification code.

Note: Your email address will act as your username when you login to CyVouchers.

All fields must be completed except Number, Postcode and Website (although it is wise to complete these when possible for better Google visibility), with at least one contact phone number required.

Begin by entering a brief address, as illustrated 'paphos harbour', select Locate and then move the red pointer on the map to as locate the exact location. Google does not always correctly identify the address so simply complete it in the fields below.

Note: all addresses must be Cypriot or you cannot register as a business member.

Your website address should begin with www., below which you specify either http or https for a secure connection.

Choose one of eight options for your primary Business Category. You can add further options on your Account details once you have registered. For instance, your business may be both a restaurant and a cafe.

About your business offers an opportunity to describe the nature and details of your products or services. Here you can add considerable text to encourage visitors to your vouchers to want to visit your business or use your services. You can update this in your Account details later.

Upon successful registration you will be send an email containing an activation code. Select the link or copy and paste it into your browser address bar to complete the registration process.

CyVouchers business account form.


Once you login you are presented with your Account page.

Here you may update any of your details except your email address because it is used as your login username. Furthermore, any CyVoucher purchase alerts (voucher claims) rely upon this email for verification to prevent fraudulent activity.

Your Business Category may be updated as required. As mentioned above, you may own a restaurant that also qualify as a café, or a gift shop that also sells clothing.

Note, however, that if you deselect a category and that category has a voucher associated with it, the voucher will be disabled.

Your Account page is where you add imagery that illustrates your business products and/or services. There must be at least one image uploaded before you can create a voucher. Images are vetted for approval prior to voucher publication. This is to ensure there is no inappropriate content. Should an image be rejected, you will be informed with an explanation of why the content was deemed controversial, and asked to select a different image. This usually occurs when vehicle registration plates are not blurred or when an image may contain imagery which could be considered sexually explicit and which may offend the sensibilities of site visitors.

This is essentially your image bank which you draw upon when creating vouchers. You can have a maximum of 30 images at any one time. You may select one or as many images as you like from this resource when creating a voucher.

Note: If you delete an image that is the main image in use with a voucher, that voucher will no longer display. You are notified of this and the voucher reference that uses it. You may edit the voucher and select another image as the main image so the voucher remains active.

You also have the option to delete your account, deregistering from CyVouchers. All details will be permanently deleted except for purchases, which are maintained for legal purposes.

Vouchers than can be used.

Add Voucher

Voucher creation is obviously the most important aspect of your business CyVoucher membership. It is where you generate visibility on the web and encourage people to engage with your business.

Some thought must be given to the creation of every voucher. Put simply, a poorly constructed voucher will not work as well as one that has been well-crafted. Key points for creating a superior voucher will be explained below.

So let's go through voucher creation.

Reference is a unique system identifier. It will be generated automatically from the first to letters of your forename and the first two letters of your lastname and appended with a dash and an incremental number.

Should there be a conflict with another voucher with the same reference, you can change the reference - as you can if you prefer to set your own references. The auto generation feature is simply a way to speed up voucher creation.

If you have created more than one voucher then the Existing Refs is a handy reference.

The Activate checkbox is convenient if you wish to create a voucher but do not wish to display it until a certain time. It is enabled by default.

Voucher Type defaults to the business category you selected upon registration. If your business falls under multiple categories, you can select which category it apples to.

CyVouchers does not offer business members a paid promotional feature to appear higher on any page; we leave it to businesses to decide the level of discount they are willing to offer. The higher the discount, the stronger (higher) you will feature - especially on the home page, where the highest voucher discounts appear immediately at the top of the page as the best offer in each business category.

We default to a general default, 10% discount for cash and 5% for plastic, which are generally applicable for restaurants. Simply overwrite these as suits your business.

Set Rate is means you apply a discount that you specify that means certain conditions. For instance, you might offer a free carafe of wine to a party of four. Or you may wish to deliver a fixed cost on a particular type of jewellery, or offer a specific price on a sea trip.

Set rates do not allow a voucher to feature highly on our site because there is no fair way to differentiate from other percentage based vouchers or themselves. They will always appear behind percentage based vouchers in our listings. But. That does not mean they will not be recognised and elevated in Google and other search engine.

Voucher Title text (or copy) is extremely important. Writing 'Great Voucher Offer' says nothing about what you are offering. 'Gold and Silver Jewellery describes explicitly what you wish to promote. Think about your business and what your particular voucher is about.

Voucher Details lets you say more about your voucher. Describe the product of service you are discounting in more detail. Try to incorporate the words that embrace what you wish to offer and therefore attract people to your business. Go into as much detail as you think best describes a particular offer. Keep it to the point but think about what your customers are locking for.

Validity Period defaults for a period of one year from the date of voucher creation. But do you really need that long? You may have a summer offer valid for 3 months or you may be a promotional company offering discount on tickets for a special event at Paphos Harbour. You cannot offer vouchers before or beyond the event. Think about it. Adjust the dates appropriately.

And then there are Set Offer Days, From and To. These populate all weekdays with the same value. You may then turn off or adjust specific days as required.

Business Details - Company and About Your Business are taken by default from your Account profile, but here you have a chance to tweak them to fit the voucher you are promoting.

This is useful when you are targeting vouchers to a specific audience. For instance, as a jeweller, you may wish to promote a particular brand or marque, or simply offer a sales period on all silver items. You would therefore adjust your business profile to better reflect those items.

Remember, how well you phrase these details will reflect your position on Google and other search engines. Taking the time to craft a great voucher offer will reward your business with visitors.

Edit Voucher

Editing a voucher involves loading it from a dropdown list, updating details and then saving it. You may want to do this to correct errors or you may wish to extend the validity date or add or update associated imagery.

Buy Now & View List

These pages are explained on the Using CyVouchers page.